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The President can’t affect gas prices, but can gas prices affect the Presidential election?

With the laughable slate of moronic theocrats, disgraced demagogues, corporate villains, and states-rights racists that the Republican party has put forward to run against Obama, I’d say that, barring some epic scandal, Obama is guaranteed a second term… that is, if the price of gas doesn’t exceed $4.50 a gallon. I’ve read Nate Silver’s analysis, […]

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A vast majority of Americans want to repeal the Bush tax cuts, raise taxes on millionaires to cover the deficit, cut subsidies for oil companies, and preserve collective bargaining rights

The results of a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll were released yesterday. They showed, among other things, that a vast majority of Americans would prefer to raise taxes on the wealthy rather than cut social services. Here’s MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow discussing the results.

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Throwing oil and shaving heads

According to recent reports, the amount of crude oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico may be ten times more than was first estimated, or up to 70,000 barrels a day. In spite of this, Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, the company responsible for the spill, seems to be of the opinion that it’s […]

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Free speech is for humans, and business should mind its own business

In response to the big Supreme Court decision the other day, which gave corporations (U.S. and international) unprecedented power with which to influence elections via capital contributions, Florida Congressman Alan Grayson just introduced legislation to change U.S. tax law, so that all corporate contributions would be taxed at a rate of 500%. The legislation is […]

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