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I lack the follow-through to be a good parent

Occasionally I have good ideas. Or at least I used to. In reading through some of my writing from before Clementine was born, a little over 11 years ago now, I was reminded of this. I had ambitious plans. Sadly, though, most of these plans went out the window once the realities of fatherhood began […]

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Feeling bad about my parenting skills

The “tiger mom” shit was bad enough, but this video has me feeling really terrible about my efforts as a father to make my daughter smart enough to help save the planet when she gets older. I’m ashamed to say, she knows the whole backstory on every single minor character in Harry Potter, including the […]

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Father of Balloon Boy believes world is run by reptilian humanoids

I wasn’t going to write about the Balloon Boy hoax… I wasn’t… But, then I read an interview on Gawker with a man that worked with Richard Heene, the father of the Balloon Boy, in which it’s mentioned that the fame-obsessed dad was, among other things, obsessed by the idea that the world is really […]

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Life after prostitution in Ypsilanti

It doesn’t happen terribly often, but occasionally something will happen on this site that will remind me why I spend several hours each night, hunched over this little computer screen, churning posts out into the abyss. Today, was one of those days. An amazing comment was left in an old thread about local prostitution, and […]

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Zodiac killer is revealed also to be terrible father

The next time I start doubting my parenting skills, would someone please do me a favor and remind me of this… I could be doing a whole hell of a lot worse…

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