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Happy Halloween

My friend Dan just called from Minneapolis. He’s lonely. He’s sitting at home, sad, alone, in the dark, surrounded by candles, dressed like Edgar Allan Poe, and waiting for trick-or-treaters to ring his bell. So, this goes out to him. I’m not in costume today. I was yesterday, though. I went to work as Richard […]

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Carl Sagan: mathematical proof of advanced civilizations

It’s true – he’s no Richard Heene Psyience Detective, but Sagan was pretty cool for his time. Speaking of the odds that there’s life on other planets, if Sagan is right, and if there are potentially thousands, or even millions of planets out there with intelligent life, I wonder what the odds are that some […]

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Father of Balloon Boy believes world is run by reptilian humanoids

I wasn’t going to write about the Balloon Boy hoax… I wasn’t… But, then I read an interview on Gawker with a man that worked with Richard Heene, the father of the Balloon Boy, in which it’s mentioned that the fame-obsessed dad was, among other things, obsessed by the idea that the world is really […]

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