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EMU athletics spending under the microscope in wake of HBO Real Sports investigation

The last time he was on the radio with me, Howard Bunsis, the president of the Eastern Michigan University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), mentioned that he’d just filmed a segment for HBO’s Real Sports. The segment, he said, was going to be about EMU’s exorbitant spending on athletics, and how […]

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Rick Snyder says he’ll be drinking Flint water for the next 30 days

Last Friday, when Governor Snyder told the people of Flint that it was time for them to stop relying on bottled water, and start drinking from their taps again, they responded with a resounding, “You first.” After a moment of awkward silence, Snyder unenthusiastically said, “I’m happy to look into that.” Well, over the weekend, […]

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Author Michael Shuman will be speaking in Ann Arbor on Wednesday on the importance of local business ecosystems

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know that I think very highly of economist and author Michael Shuman, our nation’s foremost authority on the importance of cultivating, supporting and investing in local businesses. Well, he’s got a new book out called The Local Economy Solution: How Innovative, Self-Financing Pollinator Enterprises Can Grow […]

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Talking about the blues with Bruce Conforth, discovering found film with Frank Uhle, and allowing Jim Cherewick just be himself …on this weekend’s Saturday Six Pack

I don’t know how we do it, but, for a little AM radio show in Ypsilanti, we continue to book incredible shows. Saturday evening, starting at 6:00, we’ll be joined in the studio by musicologist Bruce Conforth. Perhaps best known as the founding curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Dr. […]

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The end of the Water Street Commons native flower prairie… at least for now

Someone came to the door this afternoon with an official letter, which they told Linette she had to sign for. I was at work when she called me, and she was understandably concerned. We didn’t discuss it, but I suspect she thought that we were being sued or something, probably for something that I’d written […]

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