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It’s about more than just painting houses. It’s about building community.

Remember how, a few days ago, I told you that a bunch of folks in Ypsi would be coming together to paint a house in Depot Town? Well, it happened today, and it was completely beautiful. Here, for those of you who missed it, are a few photos, followed by information on how you can […]

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It’s a good thing that people will be able to bring automatic weapons to the Republican National Convention. You never know when a terrorist might smuggle in a tennis ball or a long piece of string.

I walked by a television this afternoon that was tuned to Fox News. The man being interviewed, a law enforcement professional of some kind, was explaining that, while people were welcome to bring their semiautomatic rifles to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week, police would be confiscating tennis balls and any number of […]

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Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy chooses not to pursue perjury charges against former Detroit Police Deputy Chief James Tolbert for his role in the framing of Davonte Sanford

Over the past five years, I’ve written quite a bit on this site about a young man by the name of Davonte Sanford. [Sanford is pictured above.] As you may recall, Davontae, who is developmentally disabled and blind in one eye, was taken into police custody in Detroit at the age of 14 for the […]

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Honoring the Monkey Power Trio

I’m not sure what the impetus is behind this, whether it’s mental illness or narcotics, but someone has been “honoring” my one-day-a-year band, The Monkey Power Trio, by creating disturbing little videos. Here are two of the seven videos various members of the band have received to date. The first features features our 1996 song […]

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Help us welcome Austin’s Dead Music Capital Band to Ypsilanti this Sunday

This Sunday afternoon, if you’re in the vicinity of Ypsilanti, drop by Riverside Park at about 3:30. That’s when, according to what I’ve heard, members of Austin’s premier un-dead brass band, the Dead Music Capital Band, fresh from their performance at the Crash Detroit street band festival, will be dropping by to serenade us with […]

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