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Working on a secret project tonight….

update: It’s looking like we won’t be able to say anything publicly for a few more days yet. In the meantime, though, here’s another clue.

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Governor Snyder’s office and corporate interests conspire in “secret work group” to bring voucher system to Michigan K-12 education

In November, I told you about an attempt on the part of the Michigan Republicans to create a parallel, for-profit education system, right alongside the Michigan public school system, unanswerable to anyone, save for an appointee of the Governor. Well, according to a report in yesterday’s Detroit News, things are progressing quickly thanks to the […]

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Big Brother, growing by leaps and bounds, with no end in sight

I wanted to write about the quick, little vacation down south that I just returned from, but I seem to have gotten myself engrossed in this article in the Washington Post about the Homeland Security monster that we’ve gone and created. And now I don’t feel like doing much of anything, other than closing my […]

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