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OK, so they were toads…

When people ask me why I keep posting here after all of these years, I generally respond by saying that I keep at it because, every once in a while, when I least expect it, something really cool and wonderful happens as a result of something that I’ve shared… like the time someone wrote to […]

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The tadpoles are now frogs

About two weeks ago, as you may recall, Arlo and I collected a bunch of tadpoles from a vernal pool in Ypsilanti’s Riverside Park. Well, things seemed to be going pretty well for our amphibian friends up until yesterday… Two days ago, things were awesome. We had about eight tadpoles that had sprouted back legs, […]

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Surinam toads and how to use them against me

I don’t generally talk about my phobias in public, as I have this fear that they might be used against me somehow. But, I’m going to make an exception tonight, as there isn’t anything else that I’m dying to talk about, other than the fact that Boner from Growing Pains has gone missing. So, if […]

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