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Michigan: the second best, or third worst performing state in the union, depending on who looks at the data

I don’t put much stock in articles that attempt to rate various communities, states, cities, or what-have-you. Sure, it’s nice when you see your state’s name at the top of a good list, but, for the most part, I just think of these articles as filler. They’re relatively easy to write, people love to read […]

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Snyder passes the buck to local Michigan communities

Governor Rick Snyder presented his budget recommendations this afternoon to members of the Michigan legislature. As promised, there were no big tax increases for business, but lots of cuts in State programs. Among other things, the Snyder proposal includes a 4.1 percent reduction in per pupil foundation grants for K-12 schools, which comes to about […]

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U-M’s annual Prisoner Art Show opens tomorrow

For the next two weeks, in the University of Michigan’s North Campus Duderstadt Center Gallery, the folks from the Prison Creative Arts Project will be presenting their 15th annual exhibition of art by Michigan prisoners. This year’s collection includes over 400 pieces, pulled together from dozens of prisons scattered across the State. Having seen the […]

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“Michiganians mine bodies for cash to make ends meet”

Yup. This, according to the Detroit News, is what it’s come to. Here’s a clip: …Fetzner is among those realizing that, in these tough times, the body isn’t just a temple. It can be a gold mine… A few weeks ago, it was a story on people in Detroit eating trash-fattened raccoon, and now we […]

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