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State Rep David Rutledge warns Ypsi School Board that a Snyder czar is on the way

We’ve discussed it to death here on the site, and I’m not sure how much new ground there is to cover, but our local Representative in the Michigan House, David Rutledge, warned members of the Ypsi School Board yesterday that, unless they found a way to balance their budget, and fast, the Governor was going […]

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David Palmer weighs in on the Emergency Financial Manager Act

One of your fellow readers, a man by the name of David Palmer, recently attended a State-sanctioned training session for would-be Emergency Financial Managers. He was kind enough to type up his thoughts after attending the session and send them in. You’ll find them below. If you have any questions, just leave a comment, and […]

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Snyder passes the buck to local Michigan communities

Governor Rick Snyder presented his budget recommendations this afternoon to members of the Michigan legislature. As promised, there were no big tax increases for business, but lots of cuts in State programs. Among other things, the Snyder proposal includes a 4.1 percent reduction in per pupil foundation grants for K-12 schools, which comes to about […]

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