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If Detroit was a person, Kevyn Orr would be selling its kidneys

This weekend, upon hearing Kevyn Orr’s suggestion that we explore the possibility of selling the art collection of the DIA in order to satisfy the creditors of Detroit, it occurred to me that our newly appointed Emergency Manager might find it a bit more difficult to pillage the public coffers on behalf of Wall Street […]

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Michigan continues to dismantle valuable community infrastructure, shift tax burden to working class, in order to pay for tax breaks for business owners

As you may have read on Eclectablog a few days ago, Joseph Harris, the Emergency Financial Manager installed by the Governor’s office to oversee the dismantling/privatization of Benton Harbor, recently put the City’s small, in-house radio station up for sale on Ebay. Well, Rachel Maddow just picked up on the story. Here’s her report. Visit […]

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Michigan: the second best, or third worst performing state in the union, depending on who looks at the data

I don’t put much stock in articles that attempt to rate various communities, states, cities, or what-have-you. Sure, it’s nice when you see your state’s name at the top of a good list, but, for the most part, I just think of these articles as filler. They’re relatively easy to write, people love to read […]

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Snyder holds up government success as proof of government incompetence

A few days ago, Governor Rick Snyder handed out the first of his “Reinventing Michigan” awards. It went to Energetx Composites, a West Michigan manufacturer of wind turbine parts and electric vehicle frames. Knowing a little about the company, which spun out of Holland, Michigan-based S2 Yachts in 2008, I think Snyder made a great […]

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Ypsilanti City Council passes resolution opposing Snyder agenda, calling for statewide tax reform

At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Ypsilanti City Council, the following resolution was offered by Councilmen Mike Bodary and Dan Vogt. It is, as you will realize when you read it, largely symbolic in nature, but I wholeheartedly endorse the sentiment behind it. Furthermore, I hope that it encourages other communities across Michigan to do […]

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