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Nikki Haley promises that Russian sanctions are coming, and the Trump administration responds by saying that she was suffering from “momentary confusion”

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Face the Nation this past Sunday that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would soon be announcing sanctions against Russian companies known to have aided in the development of Bashar al-Assad’s chemical warfare capabilities. The Trump administration, she said, would be sending a “strong message” over the […]

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Largest trade imbalance in nine years, biggest stock market drop in a decade, government set to borrow nearly $1 trillion… Is this the “tidal wave” of good economic news Trump was talking about?

As I took last night off, there’s a lot that we could talk about today. We could talk about he fact that our president, standing before a terrifyingly representative sample of what’s left of his base announced that those who refuse to applaud him are “un-American” and likely “treasonous”. Or we could talk about the […]

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