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The 47th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival begins this week

The 47th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival begins this week, and, in celebration of that fact, I’ve asked Donald Harrison, the executive director of the festival, a few questions. Here they are, along with his responses: You were in California before moving here, right? And that was, what, like 5 years ago? I moved to […]

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“So, you spent Thanksgiving sharing criminal memories with your family? I thought it was bad enough when I read your diary entries about trying to get young men to buy you drinks, leering at nudie photos of their girlfriends, and fantasizing about blowing bus drivers. I hope you’ll be able to check this sad decline.” –Doug Skinner

It never occurred to me that the readers of this site would misinterpret or, worse yet, purposefully twist my words for comedic and even hurtful effect. However, that is just what one Mr. Douglas Skinner has done to me. He has jumbled my words together and turned them against me! Does his cruelty know no […]

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