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The somewhat more real Stephen Colbert introduces himself to America by way of Monroe public access television

When it was first announced that David Letterman would be retiring and that Stephen Colbert would be leaving the satirical Colbert Report to take his place at the helm of the Late Show on CBS, a lot of people, myself included, wondered how he would navigate the transition from fictional conservative pundit to something more […]

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Ypsi/Arbor exit interview: Hollis Knight Coats

Hollis Knight Coats, the musical genius behind the band Manhole, recently decided to leave Ypsilanti for Portland, Oregon. Before he left, I tried to meet up with him on several occasions to discuss his decision to relocate. While I’d like to think that he wasn’t purposefully avoiding me, things never seemed to work out where […]

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Imported from Detroit

As I don’t have a TV that’s connected with the outside world, I’m not watching the Super Bowl tonight. I just heard from a friend, however, that the following Chrysler ad aired a few minutes ago, which, if true, I think is pretty damned cool. Yeah, I know it might be seen as unnecessarily extravagant […]

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“So, you spent Thanksgiving sharing criminal memories with your family? I thought it was bad enough when I read your diary entries about trying to get young men to buy you drinks, leering at nudie photos of their girlfriends, and fantasizing about blowing bus drivers. I hope you’ll be able to check this sad decline.” –Doug Skinner

It never occurred to me that the readers of this site would misinterpret or, worse yet, purposefully twist my words for comedic and even hurtful effect. However, that is just what one Mr. Douglas Skinner has done to me. He has jumbled my words together and turned them against me! Does his cruelty know no […]

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