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My thoughts on the Super Moon

And, yes, there were plans afoot to take out the moon with nuclear weapons in the 50’s, before it became the ever-growing threat we know it to be today. Speaking of space and all things sciencey, it occurred to me this morning, while brushing my teeth, that, if unquestionably cool astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson wanted […]

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Did someone fall through Ypsi’s tridge on Friday night, and, if so, what should we learn from it?

I felt bad about disrupting the local drug trade, but, on Friday night, a bunch of friends and neighbors decided to take our pajama-clad offspring into Riverside Park, to look at the blue moon. While we didn’t encounter any illegal activity during our late evening walk, we did see something odd. While we were making […]

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Maynards in space before the rapture

I want to be settled in a moon hole with my family and growing crops before May 21, 2011, and I will gladly do whatever is necessary to see this happen, assuming it doesn’t involve physical exertion on my part or the learning of “scientist-type skills.” I just wanted to put that out there, in […]

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Water on the moon

In case you missed the news, it’s apparently been definitively proven that there’s lots of water on the moon. I’m assuming that we think it’s ours since we found it, but, as we seem to be phasing out human space travel, I’m not sure how we’ll enforce it if the Chinese want to land there […]

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“So, you spent Thanksgiving sharing criminal memories with your family? I thought it was bad enough when I read your diary entries about trying to get young men to buy you drinks, leering at nudie photos of their girlfriends, and fantasizing about blowing bus drivers. I hope you’ll be able to check this sad decline.” –Doug Skinner

It never occurred to me that the readers of this site would misinterpret or, worse yet, purposefully twist my words for comedic and even hurtful effect. However, that is just what one Mr. Douglas Skinner has done to me. He has jumbled my words together and turned them against me! Does his cruelty know no […]

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