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Good work, Township! You now look like every other chain-glutted strip mall wasteland in America.

I try not to rant too much here. Believe it or not, I restrain myself for the most part. I try, as best as I can, to limit my posts to subjects where I believe I have positive, constructive things to add. That’s not so much the case tonight, though. There’s nothing positive left to […]

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Who gets the Ypsi Arbor sign when the bowling alley folds?

It looks as though the Ypsi Arbor Bowl is closing in May, after more than 45 years in business. While it sucks that we’ll no longer have a local bowling alley, the thing that bothers me more is the thought that the iconic sign out in front of the building might no longer grace that […]

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Screen-printing company VG Kids begins moving into their new Ypsilanti location

For those who are interested, here’s some video footage of the VG Kids crew moving their equipment over to their new Ypsilanti location. [note: This video is dedicated to the reader calling himself Phonies In Reality, who said emphatically, in a series of comments left on this site not too long ago, that there was […]

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