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Robert Reich thinks the healthcare bill would be an improvement, but just barely

In the interest of fairness, I thought that I should include a link to this new piece by Robert Reich. Reich, unlike Dean, and some of the other people I’ve been quoting here lately, thinks that the current version of the healthcare bill being considered in the Senate would be worth passing. Here’s a clip: […]

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A whistle blower and a bitch slap

Via DailyKos and Firedoglake.

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This is what Obama wanted, and it needs to fail

For what it’s worth, I think Glenn Greenwald and Russ Feingold are probably right when they say that we shouldn’t lay all the blame for what happened with regard to healthcare reform at the feet of Joe Lieberman. Much of the blame, as Glenn points out in his recent article on Salon, belongs with Obama. […]

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