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What’s up with the Ypsilanti street light fee?

I don’t generally take requests, but, seeing as how we haven’t talked for some time about how the tax burden in Michigan is increasingly shifting onto the backs of the poor and middle class, I thought that I’d take this suggestion for a post that was sent in last night, and run with it… Here, […]

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Deficit Supper Committee fails due to Republican refusal to roll back Bush tax beaks

I went to the gym after work this evening and watched coverage of today’s admission of failure by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. I found myself getting incredibly pissed off, to the point of inadvertently blurting out “asshole” a couple of times, and flipping up my middle finger at the television set in […]

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Thomas Friedman to America: “We can’t learn anything from China”

Generally speaking, I don’t consider myself a huge Thomas Friedman fan. I caught a minute of him speaking on MSNBC this morning, though, and what he said really blew me away. It was extremely simple, but packed a wallop. As I can’t find the exact quote anywhere online, here’s the essence of what he said… […]

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Bernie Sanders introduces bill to end payroll tax cap, ensuring full Social Security funding for nearly 75 years

Most people, I suspect, don’t realize that rich Americans don’t pay payroll taxes on their entire incomes, like the rest of us. They don’t. If Senator Bernie Sanders gets his way, though, all of that may stop. Word is that he’s submitting legislation that would remove the payroll tax cap, thereby insuring the future of […]

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Looking at the Finland model for public education

As you know, I’m not a big fan of the post-No Child Left Behind public education system we have here in America. I believe, as I’ve stated before on several occasions, that the American public school system, which was once the envy of the world, is being purposefully dismantled by wealthy individuals, and the politicians […]

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