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The desperate need for affordable housing in Ann Arbor, the story of the black history mural that brought the community together, and nudity on the radio… on episode 32 of the Saturday Six Pack

Every episode of the Saturday Six Pack, toward the end, devolves into chaos. It’s been that way since we first started the show. We begin each episode with the best of intentions, but, somewhere along the line, things start to careen off in a direction that would wouldn’t have thought possible just a few hours […]

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Ypsilanti’s young people pack the AM 1700 studio to speak truth to power, and the music of Soft Milk… on episode 24 of the Saturday Six Pack

This past weekend’s episode of The Saturday Six Pack, as I suspect most of you already know, started coming together earlier this summer, after the gang-related murder of 20 year old Keandre Duff, who had been shot in the head and killed just after midnight on the morning of July 12 at an Ypsilanti block […]

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Cocks, Bike Chains, and Bandaids… One man’s mission to keep the nude cyclists of Portland safe

As you’ll recall, the last time we heard from Dave Miller, our intrepid correspondent from the deviant underbelly of Portland, he was watching homemade porn movies at an event called Hump. Well, he’s back today, after a much needed rest, reporting on his experience as an nearly-nude bicycle medic at Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride […]

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Auditioning for The New Yorker

Every so often, on Facebook, Roger Ebert posts his submissions to The New Yorker’s weekly Cartoon Caption Contest. I’ve never given it a shot, as I don’t think I really have a handle on the editorial voice of The New Yorker, but, as I’m laying in bed sick at the moment, with nothing better to […]

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Nathan Hoste on retaining one’s panties in space

I had the occasion yesterday to have a beer with Nathan Hoste, one of the artists who will be presenting his work at Saturday’s Shadow Art Fair. Nathan was selected for this year’s Shadow based largely on his “Bodies in Space” series of illustrations, which features individuals, in various stages of undress, floating though outer […]

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