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The infinitely adapting life form known as David Bowie has been called back home

There was no way that David Bowie wasn’t going to be famous. His will was too strong. As childhood friends of his have said, he was already preparing for fame at nine, aggressively moving between fads, attempting to catch the right one at the right time in order to propel him toward celebrity. He was […]

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To stay put and fix what’s broken, or to leave the earth altogether and try our luck elsewhere…

NASA’s Chief Technologist, Mason Peck, took to Reddit this afternoon, answering questions on everything from the democratization of space, and our current research into warp drives, to the role of 3D printing in the colonization of other planets, and the possibility of encasing our astronauts in water during the voyage to Mars in order to […]

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Nathan Hoste on retaining one’s panties in space

I had the occasion yesterday to have a beer with Nathan Hoste, one of the artists who will be presenting his work at Saturday’s Shadow Art Fair. Nathan was selected for this year’s Shadow based largely on his “Bodies in Space” series of illustrations, which features individuals, in various stages of undress, floating though outer […]

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Maynards in space before the rapture

I want to be settled in a moon hole with my family and growing crops before May 21, 2011, and I will gladly do whatever is necessary to see this happen, assuming it doesn’t involve physical exertion on my part or the learning of “scientist-type skills.” I just wanted to put that out there, in […]

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