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Running out of things to say about mass shootings… well, almost

I tried to write something last night about the Orlando shooting that just left 50 people dead, but I gave up an hour or so into it. I’d sliced my hand open earlier in the day while working on the renovation of 209 Pearl Street, which made it difficult to type. [My right thumb was […]

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More than just calling for a ban on assault weapons, Obama moves to reinstate federal research on gun violence over the NRA’s objections

The gun control debate in the United States went into overdrive today, as the President, surrounded by children who had written letters to the White House about gun violence, called on Congress “to renew a prohibition on assault weapons sales that expired in 2004, require criminal background checks on all gun purchases, including closing a […]

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The problem, according to the NRA: Not enough “good” guns in schools

A few days ago, after almost a full week of silence, the National Rifle Association (NRA) issued a press release addressing the December 14 mass murder in Connecticut, in which 26 lives were lost, including those of 20 six- and seven-year-olds. In their press release, the NRA promised that they were, “prepared to offer meaningful […]

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I know we say that “bad guys will get guns anyway,” if gun control laws are enacted, but do we know that to be a fact?

A few days ago, after a man in body armor fatally shot a dozen people in a Colorado movie theater, I caught a snippet of someone official-looking being interviewed on television. (My sense was that he was with law enforcement, but he very well could have been an official with the National Rifle Association.) As […]

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Somewhere, tonight, right wing tough guy, Ted Nugent, shits his pants in fear of the Secret Service

While I’m busy working on something else, I thought that you might want to check out this footage of Michigan’s hardest rocking serial pedophile, the gleefully masochistic, draft dodging, Ted Nugent, getting himself into a shit-load of trouble with the Secret Service… Apparently, you see, they don’t like it so much when you suggest in […]

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