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Here’s the agenda for Saturday’s MarkMaynard.com 10th anniversary party

When it first occurred to me that we should have a 10 year anniversary party for the site, I thought that I’d issue a press release, print up flyers, and promote the hell out of it. As the date has drawn nearer, though, I’ve been reminded of the fact that I’m terrified of large groups, […]

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Shadow Art Fair 2012 (part three)

The following comment was left on the site last night, by someone who attended the Shadow. So… I gotta say, how fucking awesome was that science teacher-looking guy, with the tall socks and white hair, playing that face-melting punk??? I need to see them play again. Shadow was a great time, y’all never disappoint. The […]

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Regardless of what you might have read, I don’t have a poop fetish

I’ve received several notes from people today, asking about my “poop fetish.” I suspect almost all of them are in jest, but I thought that I should formally set the record straight, before people start signing me up for lifetime subscriptions to Turd magazine. The whole thing started this afternoon, when an article about Saturday’s […]

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The site’s new “unflattering Mark portrait” header, and what you can do about it…

All things considered, the reaction to the new site has been surprisingly good. So far, the only criticisms that I’ve heard have been about the design of the header. Someone calling himself Poison Control made fun of the fact that the background was “band-aide” color, but, other that that, most of the criticism had to […]

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This question occurred to me…

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