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The Porking of Michigan: We were promised high-tech jobs. Instead, we were given a pork processing plant.

A few years ago, I interviewed an author here by the name of Ted McClelland, a former Michigander who, as you might recall, had stirred up a little bit of a shit storm after referring to our home state as “Michissippi” in an article on Salon.com about our passage of so-called right-to-work legislation. “Michigan,” said […]

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Why would any intelligent young women stay in a state that requires the purchase of rape insurance?

Remember that “rape insurance” legislation that we talked about in December? Well, as of tomorrow, it becomes law in Michigan. I can see the appeal for the twisted old men on the far right who conspired to bring this about, as they’ve long been looking for opportunities to chip away at Roe v. Wade, and […]

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Ted McClelland on fleeing “Michissippi” and why we’ll never be able to keep our brightest young people from Chicago

Here on the site last week, I twice invoked an article that had appeared on Salon.con entitled Right-to-work bill: Michigan just gives up. Well, the second time I did so, the author of the piece, Ted McClelland, left a comment. And, from there, a short email exchange ensued, resulting in the following interview. I hope […]

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Reinventing Michigan so as to accelerate the Michigan exodus

Brian Dickerson has a good piece in the Detroit Free Press today on the Republican agenda in Michigan and how it could be driving young, educated workers from our state. It’s essentially a continuation of the much-talked-about “Michissippi” article by Edward McClelland that ran in Salon last week. In that piece, as you’ll recall, McClelland […]

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