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Am I the only one who gets the sense that there’s an absolute war going on around the Electoral College?

Over the past 24 hours, since I last posted about the drama shaping up around the Electoral College, two significant things have happened. First, Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig went public with the news that 20 Republican Electoral College voters had reached out to him to discuss the possibility of voting against Donald Trump. And, […]

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A super PAC to end all super PACs… Contribute to Mayday PAC today, and help get people into Congress who pledge to keep the money out

Having spent much of his life

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Celebrate yesterday’s trouncing by getting involved in Campaign Finance Reform

I was in the midst of trying to cobble together a hopeful and constructive post of some kind, and failing miserably, when I received the following note from Lawrence Lessig, the co-founder of Fix Congress First. As it successfully accomplished what I could not, I thought that I’d steal it and pass it along. Just […]

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It’s not just a matter of fixing Wall Street

With all the talk of banking reform in the news today, I thought that now might be a good time to remind folks about Lawrence Lessig’s attempts, through his organization, Fix Congress First, to rally support for the Fair Elections Now Act. As I suspect many of you know, regulating Wall Street, while critical, in […]

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Are corporations people? And is it their birthright to buy elections?

Continuing our conversation from a few days ago on corporate personhood, I thought that I’d pass along this new video from Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig’s organization Fix Congress First. The piece is entitled, “Are corporations people?” And, speaking of the stranglehold that corporations have on the American electorate, did you happen to see that […]

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