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John Waters v. Kirk Cameron… Whose side will you take in the War on Christmas?

How is it that we live in a country where an accomplished director like John Waters can’t find the money to make a Christmas film, while someone like Kirk Cameron can? I know there are more important things to be upset about, but, Jesus Christ… How did we come to a point as a society […]

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Nicholas Cage and the inverse rapturing of a Hollywood career

According to IMDB, this apparently isn’t a joke. Nicholas Cage, like so many celebrities before him, has made the decision, instead of just announcing his retirement from acting, and drifting off quietly into obscurity, to end his epic journey through the Hollywood system with a tremendous, career-ending bang… Yes, he will be stepping into the […]

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On the rollout of mandatory gay marriage and the assigning of same-sex spouses

I posted something similar on Facebook earlier this evening, and received the following response from a friend, explaining how Obama will likely go about assigning gay spouses. I suspect that she’s kidding, and that she doesn’t really have an inside track on how it will go down, but I found the idea to be interesting… […]

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Celebrating the life… and evil lies… of Charles Darwin

Had a vengeful God not struck him down for heresy, the famed naturalist Charles Darwin would be turning 204 years old on February 12, and literate folks around the world are marking the occasion by planning celebrations in his honor. I had forgotten that “Darwin Day” was upon us until earlier this evening, when a […]

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Kirk Cameron vs. Darwin

Former child actor Kirk Cameron, has, in recent years, made a name for himself in the world of evangelical Christianity as a staunch defender of what non-scientists on the outer fringes of reality call Creation Science. In this role, he generally appears alongside a fellow named Ray Comfort, who operates something known as Living Waters […]

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