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That moment when you realize that you’ve just purchased Ypsilanti’s most popular public restroom

We’ve known for quite a while that people piss against our building. It’s painfully obvious on hot summer days like this. If you attempt to enter the building from the back, you have no choice but to navigate through a low-hanging cloud of excited urine molecules anxious to take a trip up your nose to […]

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The rehab of 209 Pearl is finally getting underway

As it’s been a while, I thought that I should give you an update on the renovation of 209 Pearl Street. Since my last post, things have changed a bit. Most notably, we’ve chosen not to have a loft apartment on the second floor, and instead build-out more offices for Landline Creative Labs. It wasn’t […]

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209 Pearl: tearing down walls and sawing through pigeons

Having patched the holes in the roof of 209 Pearl last weekend, Jesse and I turned our attention to demolition today, removing quite a bit of the old plumbing, and most of the walls in what will eventually be the loft apartment opposite the offices of Landline Creative Labs. Everything was going pretty smoothly until […]

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Landline Creative Labs to feature artisanal, locally harvested, Ypsilanti-aged, hand-planed wood floors

When news first broke a few weeks ago that Jesse Kranyak and I were in the process of buying 209 Pearl and opening Landline Creative Labs, we were interviewed for Concentrate. And, at some point in that interview, I said the following regarding my role in the building’s rehab. “My back is going, so I’m […]

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The launch of Landline Creative Labs, and the development of 209 Pearl

As you may have heard today, Jesse Kranyak and I are attempting to purchase and renovate a building in downtown Ypsilanti. The 9,000 square foot building, which was constructed about 100 years ago by Michigan Bell Telephone, has been largely vacant since the summer of 2014, when a fire ended its most recent incarnation, which […]

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