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You don’t have to be the Mystery Pooper to shit on Ypsilanti… You can be a corporation

When Adams Outdoor Advertising was lobbying the City for permission to place a digital billboard on the edge of town, facing 94, they said it would be a good thing for us. Not only would they be paying rent, they said, but we could use the massive billboard to positively promote the city to the […]

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Ann Arbor to millennials… “We hear you like trains and tall buildings. How many of each do we need before you’ll look beyond our sexism and homophobia and move here?”

I was hoping that this kind of thing had died with the career of Richard Florida… I understand that it’s well intentioned, and I don’t disagree that Michigan needs to find a way to keep bright, innovative young people in the state. With that said, though, this reeks of desperation. And it brings back painful […]

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Announcing that five Ypsi schools share one librarian, 826 Michigan asks for volunteers to staff libraries so that our children can once again check out books

When I received the above message earlier this afternoon, I didn’t think there was any way that it could possibly be true… I knew, of course, that Ypsi’s schools had suffered severe cuts. Just a few weeks ago, I’d watched Linette design a poster for Fly Children’s Art Center, drawing attention to the fact that […]

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God bless Bernie Sanders

Until I can find a better highlight reel, this clip from Keith Olbermann’s show will have to do. I don’t know what good it will ultimately do, but, if you’re like me, you felt a least a little spark of hope as you listened to Senator Sanders speak truth to power on the floor of […]

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