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I wonder what restaurant I was reviewing…

I’ve spent the past two days de-cluttering house. This morning has been spent going through the scribble-filled scraps of paper that have been accumulating on my desk these past several years. I found this one particularly interesting. I think it must be a review for a restaurant, but I’m not sure which one, or, for […]

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There’s a way out of Ypsi… for those deemed worthy

I’ve been asked not to divulge the location, but a portal has been found in Ypsilanti. To my knowledge, no one has yet attempted to pass through it. Someone, however, did vandalize it. The accompanying plaque (pictured below), which was affixed to a concrete post about 100 yards west of the portal, appears to have […]

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Hey, hey, hey, it’s Fat Albert

When the snow melted a few days ago, Linette made a startling discovery in our front yard. There, among the now visible beer cans, candy wrappers and thawing piles of dog poop, were a pair of adult-sized jeans with Fat Albert’s face across the ass. My advice to Linette, who called me at work, was […]

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this just in: updates from earlier stories

Good News: The Strippers weren’t Strippers… and, even if they were, they were butt ugly! OK, remember how a few days ago I was telling you that my office softball team was slated to play the team from the local all-nude strip joint, but how I couldn’t go because I got stuck in my basement, […]

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