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The abduction of Jambo Man

This last weekend, while I was enjoying myself in Milwaukee, folks here in Ypsi had themselves a big shindig under the moonlight on the banks of the Huron River. This now annual event, as you might recall, got off to a wobbly start a few years back, when it attempted to get off the ground […]

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Two new notes on the City Council’s decision to take the parks back from the Depot Town CDC

I don’t want to flog a dead horse, but, over the past few days, a couple of interesting comments have been left on this site pertaining to the City Council’s decision last year to take back management of Riverside and Frog Island parks from the Depot Town CDC, and I thought that they should be […]

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Did I almost die for “Ypsitucky”?

There are two competing theories as to whom is ultimately responsible for my recent rib-breaking in Ypsilanti’s Riverside Park. One theory, as I understand it, is that the carbon gods were angry with me. According to this school of thought, the powers that be were furious at me for upsetting the order of things, and […]

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Depot Town CDC director defends stewardship of Ypsilanti parks

A few days ago, I raised a question here about whether or not Ypsi City Council was right to have stripped stewardship of Frog Island and Riverside parks from the Depot Town CDC. As I pointed out at the time, I think there may well have been legitimate criticism of the CDC and they way […]

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