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Police officer fires rifle twice at deer in Ypsilanti neighborhood

Earlier this evening, at about 5:30, I heard two gunshots coming from the direction of Frog Island Park, and, as people do these days, I got on Facebook to ask what in the hell was happening, and whether or not my family was in any immediate danger. Within minutes, I received the above photo from […]

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Building a kayak and canoe launch in Ypsi

On last night’s episode of The Saturday Six Pack, in a discussion with Elizabeth Riggs, the deputy director of the Huron River Watershed Council, about efforts to improve fish habitat along the Huron, Riggs mentioned work that had been done earlier that morning at the north end of Frog Island Park to create an access […]

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Ideas to Steal: The Huron Hammock

Arlo and I were walking around the elevated path that runs along the edge of Frog Island Park this evening, looking down toward the river, and talking about fish, when we noticed a young woman sleeping in a hammock that she’d tied up between two trees, just a few feet off the water. It looked […]

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On finding a small community library hidden on Ypsilanti’s Frog Island Park

I was stumbling around the park this evening with my family, when one of us noticed, just a little off the trail, there was a large wooden box that said “free library” across its front. We’re not generally in the habit of opening strange boxes left unattended in the park, but, as beauty kind of […]

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Only you can save Heritage Fest

A letter went out yesterday from the organizers of Ypsilanti’s Heritage Fest, encouraging new people to get involved with the planning of the annual event. According to an article on AnnArbor.com, Barry Marshall, the chairman of the festival’s Board of Trustees, has said that without the influx of new people and energy, the event, which […]

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