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Mysterious Ypsi, scaring the fuck out of Ann Arbor since 1906

The above image has been making its way around the Ypsisphere today. According to the story that I was told, it was taken during a 1906 Halloween parade in Downtown Ann Arbor. While it’s a little difficult to make out the words on the side of the wagon, they would appear to read “Mysterious Ypsi.” […]

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The U-M architects charged with envisioning Ypsilanti’s much anticipated recreation center share their designs, and discuss why this “new civic anchor” is so important to the future of the city

As I think most of you know, a team of University of Michigan architects and their graduate students were approached some time ago and asked to envision what a new Water Street recreation center might look. Having completed their design concepts, they will be presenting their work to the citizens of Ypsilanti at SPARK East […]

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Conviction, shot in Ypsi/Arbor, nears release

The Trailer for the film “Conviction” has been released. Quite a bit of the production, which had previously been referred to as “Betty Anne Waters,” was shot in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. Of particular interest in the trailer, at least for me, are the scenes shot at Ypsi’s legendary Sidetrack Bar and Grill – stills […]

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Thompson block called safety hazard

On July 8, independent engineers with the Bingham Farms firm of Wiss, Janney and Elstner Associates, inspected what remains of Ypsilanti’s historic Thompson Block. According to, their findings were made public today. Following is a clip from the article: …A new report conducted by an independent engineer says a portion of the Thompson Blockbuilding […]

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The Ypsi Skatepark

During the last episode of Dreamland Tonight, we were joined by a fellow named Dug Song, who told us about efforts currently underway in Ann Arbor to build an enormous skatepark. I personally think it’s a great idea, but I didn’t let that stop me from giving Dug a hard time about their proposed million […]

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