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The Ypsilanti Garbage Report… Chapter Two: The DDA Responds

Last night, I vented online about the trash situation in downtown Ypsi, and, quite rightly, I was called out for it by Downtown Development Authority Treasurer Adam Gainsley, who asked in a comment why I hadn’t reached out to anyone at the DDA for their side of the story. Following, with his consent, is our […]

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Trash, go pick it up…

Apparently the day I left town for vacation all hell broke loose on the Ypsilanti garbage front. No sooner had I arrived on the west coast last week than I began receiving emails and texts from people alerting me to the fact that our downtown thoroughfares, thanks to a change in City policy, were quickly […]

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The state of Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti’s Mayor, Paul Schreiber, just released the following State of the City report. If you have a moment, I’d appreciate your thoughts. Dear Ypsilanti Friends and Neighbors: In a recent magazine cartoon, a bank executive says to a junior executive: “In this economy, it’s crucial to begin every sentence with ‘In this economy.’” Well, in […]

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Ypsilanti City Council to vote on consolidating Downtown Development Authorities

On Tuesday, June 16, Ypsi City Council will vote on the creation of a single DDA board to oversee what had previously been the purview of two. I’m sure the politics behind it are messy, as the two areas – Downtown and Depot Town – have always been, to some extent, competitive, but it seems […]

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