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Having won the title of World’s Best Comic Book Store, Ann Arbor’s Vault of Midnight plots global domination

After years of shopping at Ann Arbor’s much-beloved comic book shop Vault of Midnight, I finally had the occasion a few weeks ago, at an event hosted by Concentrate Media, to meet the store’s founder Curtis Sullivan. What started as a friendly conversation on the current state of Ann Arbor retail quickly escalated into an […]

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Daniel Johnston’s “Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness”

One of my favorite musicians, Daniel Johnston, turned 50 yesterday, and, to show their appreciation, a lot of his fans pledged money through Kickstarter so that he might be able to publish his first real comic book. Here’s a little video on the project, followed by a little more in the way of background. If […]

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R.I.P. Harvy Pekar

Well-respected autobiographical comic book writer and curmudgeon Harvey Pekar died at his home in Cleveland last night. He was 70 years old… I hope his old adversary David Letterman says something nice about him tonight. And, if he doesn’t, I hope that Harvey haunts the shit out of him.

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