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Pencil Paparazzi File: Squeeze at Sidetrack

I’ve got another entry for our ever-growing Pencil Paparazzi file. This one comes from renowned Ypsilanti roboticist Cre Fuller, who, a few days ago, happened to be sitting at a local Ypsilanti bar when the legendary songwriting duo of Difford & Tilbrook pulled up seats alongside him and began drinking. As I understand it, the […]

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Bona Sera to relaunch later today with booze

Our friends at Bona Sera Cafe, as you may have noticed, have been closed for the past few days. I’m told there’s no reason for concern, though. It’s not like that time, a few years back, when Dave Curtis closed up his businesses along Washington Street, and snuck out of town under cover of darkness. […]

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A blogger in Ypsilanti doesn’t want to blog, and, when he finally does, you won’t believe what he blogs about on his blog

I cleaned house for over 12 hours yesterday, and, to celebrate, I woke up this morning and started drinking Bloody Marys. In spite of this, however, it was still my intention to blog tonight. But, just as I was changing into my tattered blogging leotard, I was reminded of the fact that season two of […]

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Chubby Mary, and other drinks involving animal flesh

Yesterday morning, the family and I drove up to Leland, Michigan, where, among other things, we sat around watching otters frolicking in the crystal clear water as we sipped big, cold drinks. The photo above is of one such drink. It’s called a Chubby Mary, and it’s the specialty of the house at a place […]

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