Pencil Paparazzi File: Squeeze at Sidetrack

I’ve got another entry for our ever-growing Pencil Paparazzi file. This one comes from renowned Ypsilanti roboticist Cre Fuller, who, a few days ago, happened to be sitting at a local Ypsilanti bar when the legendary songwriting duo of Difford & Tilbrook pulled up seats alongside him and began drinking. As I understand it, the image which has been submitted, drawn by Fuller immediately after the encounter, shows Glenn Tilbrook enjoying Sidetrack Bloody Mary, after performing a sold-out show at The Ark in Ann Arbor.

Chris Difford, I’m told, was engaged in an “impassioned conversation” with someone else at the bar about macaroni and cheese, and béchamel sauces, while Fuller was staring intently into the eyes of Tilbrook, committing every detail to memory, so that he could draw the following photorealistic portrait.


As for how all of this came to pass, it looks as though, a little a after midnight, the folks at Sidetrack saw a tour bus roll up outside and park on River Street. And, being an inquisitive bunch of fuckers, they elected one of their drunken assembly to go into the cold and find out what in the hell was going on. This person, then, a few minutes after leaving, came back and announced to the folks at the bar, “If you stick around, the band Squeeze is going to be up in here in a minute.” As for why they drove out to Ypsi to drink Bloody Marys after midnight, it would seem as though a Sidetrack regular by the name of Peter Thompson is doing either light or sound for them on this tour. [I’m told he also works for Steely Dan, so I imagine they might show up at some point as well.]

From all accounts, it seems to have gone well. While our guests from Britain were forced to look at photos of Fuller’s robots, I’m told that they appeared to enjoy it. And no one, as I understand it, asked them to go back on their bus, get their guitars, and perform their hits like “Cool for Cats” and “Up The Junction.” Oh, and I’m told by Fuller that they were, “cool dudes.” [Fuller also said he signed their tits, but I think he was kidding about that.]

A NOTE TO OUR READERS: Remember, if you see someone famous, don’t approach them. Don’t try to attempt smalltalk. Don’t ask them about their various well-publicized affairs and addictions. And, for god’s sake, don’t take photos. If you do, you my might spook them. And it might be the last thing that you ever do. No, just set up your easel a respectful distance away, and commence drawing for the Pencil Paparazzi file.

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