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Bloomberg suggests all immigrants be channeled toward Detroit

A few years ago, I proposed the passage of an Urban Homestead Act that would incentivize people with skills to move into Detroit. Here’s a clip from that post: …And I’m not sure what urban homesteading would look like, and how exactly properties would be apportioned. I’m thinking, however, that there would be an application […]

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Detroit loses 25% of its population in ten short years

I don’t have time to craft a good, comprehensive post about it right now, but I wanted to at least acknowledge that the results of the 2010 Michigan census were released today, and that, among other things, it shows a huge loss of population in Detroit. I don’t think anyone expected the news to be […]

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Let’s stop the murder, Detroit

The sprawling city of Detroit, for all of its charm, is a city in steep decline. Starting with the riots in 1967, people have been fleeing the city in quantities only rivaled by post-Katrina New Orleans. With a population of over 2 million at one time, the city now, by some estimates, has closer to […]

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Urban Homestead Act: Detroit

I just heard on the radio this morning that Detroit, in addition to being one of the most economically depressed cities in the nation, is the second emptiest, after the relatively prosperous Las Vegas, Nevada. In Vegas, it seems, they over anticipated growth and built too many homes. In Detroit, it’s just that over half […]

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