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Cases of justifiable homicide up 79 percent in Detroit

A new iPad-centric magazine called The Daily launched a few days ago. And, unsurprisingly, one of their first articles was about Detroit. (Nothing, after all, attracts readers like a nicely written piece of Motor City ruin porn.) I’m having a little trouble taking the magazine seriously, as they refer to themselves as “a category first: […]

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There may be progress in the Jeremy Waggoner murder investigation

As I’ve mentioned here before on a few occasions, someone I know was found murdered in Detroit almost two years ago. His name was Jeremy Waggoner, and his killer, or killers, have yet to be identified. Recently, as the case didn’t seem to be moving forward, his sister, Jennifer, decided to form a non-profit and […]

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Justice for Jeremy

As I’ve mentioned here on the site before, my friend Jeremy Waggoner was found murdered in Detroit about two years ago. And, while we would have hoped that his murderer would have been brought to justice by now, it doesn’t seem as though the police have made much progress. As that’s the case, Jeremy’s sister, […]

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Let’s stop the murder, Detroit

The sprawling city of Detroit, for all of its charm, is a city in steep decline. Starting with the riots in 1967, people have been fleeing the city in quantities only rivaled by post-Katrina New Orleans. With a population of over 2 million at one time, the city now, by some estimates, has closer to […]

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