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I heard someone today say, “We know that he did it. We’ve seen the video. We don’t need a trial.”

I should preface what I’m about to say by noting that I’m not a conspiracy theorist… at least when it comes to last week’s bombing in Boston. I suspect it’s probably the case, given what I’ve read thus far, that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev carried out the attack that cost three individuals, one of whom […]

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Seeing in the Boston bombing though the filter of preexisting prejudice

I wasn’t going to comment on yesterday’s deadly Boston Marathon bombing until more of the facts were known, but, as I’m sitting here tonight, reading the analysis of folks like Alex Jones, who thinks that it was an inside job perpetrated by the government, and Fox News contributor Erik Rush, who thinks that it’s clearly […]

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Cycle Powered Cinema meeting tomorrow at 6:00 in Ypsi

Just a quick reminder that we’re getting together tomorrow at the Corner Brewery to discuss the current status of the Cycle Powered Cinema project, what work there still is to be done, and our vision going forward. If you’d like to join us, there’s still plenty that needs to be accomplished. And, if you can’t […]

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“See, the Democrats are violent too!”

With the news that a mentally ill man in Pennsylvania had threatened the life of Republican Congressman Eric Cantor, conservatives everywhere have begun jumping up and down, waiving their hands around wildly (imagine Arnold Horshack trying to get Mr. Kotter’s attention), and claiming that this definitively proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Democrats […]

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