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Make my day on health care reform

As you no doubt know, the Republican majority entering the House this week has indicated that they would do everything in their power to nullify Obama’s landmark health care reform bill. As Eugene Robinson points out on todays’s Washington Post, however, doing so is much easier said than done. Here’s a clip: If the incoming […]

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One last post about Christine O’Donnell

I wasn’t going to post anything here about Christine O’Donnell’s recent debate, during which she seemed to laugh at her opponent for suggesting that the separation of church and state is guaranteed in the Constitution. As the exact phrase “separation of church and state” isn’t actually in the Constitution, I thought that I’d cut her […]

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If we lose in November, will it be the fault of the “professional left”?

It started a few months ago, in the wake of the national health care debate, when White House press secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed the criticism of Progressives over Obama’s decision not to pursue a public option as the delusional complaints of the “professional left” – those individuals who, in his words, wouldn’t be satisfied until […]

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Shirley Sherrod and the politics of white fear

I was going to write something about the Shirley Sherrod situation last night, but I never got to it, and now it seems like old news. I did, however, want to open up new post, in case people had comments that they wanted to express… For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the […]

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“See, the Democrats are violent too!”

With the news that a mentally ill man in Pennsylvania had threatened the life of Republican Congressman Eric Cantor, conservatives everywhere have begun jumping up and down, waiving their hands around wildly (imagine Arnold Horshack trying to get Mr. Kotter’s attention), and claiming that this definitively proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Democrats […]

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