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Beal Construction Services is issued five “serious” workplace safety violations in wake of Thompson Block death

According to the Ann Arbor News, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) have completed the review of Beal Construction Services that was initiated with the death last May of Jeremy “Jake” Burd, a construction worker who lost his life in the basement of Ypsilanti’s historic Thompson Block after the floor above him collapsed. […]

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Collapse within Ypsilanti’s Thompson Block leaves one worker dead

Just a little more than an hour after Ypsilanti landlord turned real estate developer Stewart Beal took to Facebook to announce that demolition on the Thompson Block’s first floor had begun, word spread by way of social media that one of Beal’s workers had lost his life as the result of a floor collapse. While […]

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Reframing Frida Khalo as a performance artist, taking calls from sex-hungry robots, discussing vampire incest in children’s theater, and cooking deer meat in front of the local strip club… all on this episode of the Saturday Six Pack

This past Saturday night’s episode was a weird one… and, strangely, I don’t say that because we attempted to have a serious conversation about the work of Frida Kahlo with respected University of Michigan professor Maria Cotera while simultaneously grilling illegally processed deer meat in front of the strip club next door. No, I say […]

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Like the groundhog emerging from his hole to announce the coming of spring, Patrick Elkins ascended Ypsilanti’s Thompson block yesterday and announced the coming of Totally Awesome Fest 11

Yesterday Patrick Elkins finally gave in and agreed to answer questions from City leaders and members of the press concerning the local pagan holiday he presides of over – Totally Awesome Fest. Several in our community, it would seem, had been pressing him for information about the event, which every year grows not only larger […]

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Ypsi Immigration Interview: Sarah Zawacki

Thanks to my network of well-compensated spies, I was just recently tipped off to the existence of today’s interview subject, Sarah Zawacki. Sadly, our interview had already concluded when it was brought to my attention that she shared her home with a domesticated hedgehog by the name of Mabel (seen below), so I didn’t get […]

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