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Reframing Frida Khalo as a performance artist, taking calls from sex-hungry robots, discussing vampire incest in children’s theater, and cooking deer meat in front of the local strip club… all on this episode of the Saturday Six Pack

This past Saturday night’s episode was a weird one… and, strangely, I don’t say that because we attempted to have a serious conversation about the work of Frida Kahlo with respected University of Michigan professor Maria Cotera while simultaneously grilling illegally processed deer meat in front of the strip club next door. No, I say […]

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Preparing illegal deer meat, talking about Frida Kahlo with professor Maria Cotera, eating foods that shouldn’t be eaten together, and sharing cringe-worthy stories on this week’s Saturday Six Pack

If nothing else, this coming Saturday’s program promises to be eclectic. Remember the illegally-butchered deer we discussed during the last show? Well, its owner (Ben Connor Barrie) and I will be cooking it in the studio this weekend and handing out samples to passers by. And, as if that weren’t enough, we’ll also be joined […]

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