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On exploring space, drinking beer from my enemy’s skull, and the art of sweding

Is it just me, or does it seem as though every time there’s talk of cutting NASA’s budget, the space agency issues a press release saying that they’ve found some new, Earth-like planet? I’m not faulting them for it. I’d probably do the same thing. I just think that it’s interesting. (I bet they’re sitting […]

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“we’re better than you areeeeeeeee……”

As I want to spend what’s left of my time here on earth with my family, I decided not to write a new post on today’s rapture. Instead, here’s something I first posted back in October 2004. I’m confused, do we get to keep our clothes when the rapture comes, or not? What about false […]

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Ypsi Township policing, and the reptilian humanoid menace

I was going to write something really thoughtful tonight about the cost of Washtenaw County deputees, but that was before my friend Andy introduced me to Colleen Thomas… Now I’m in some kind of trance. OK, back to work… Speaking of the cost of Washtenaw County sheriff’s deputies, once you factor in the overhead and […]

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2012: cashing in with catastrophe porn

What does it say about us when a piece of shit movie like this makes $65 million its first weekend? Or, better yet, what does it mean about our society when the astrophysicists at NASA, instead of exploring space and finding new planets for us to infect with humanity, are busy assuring stupid tea-partiers that […]

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