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Exploring Michelle Rhee’s destructive influence over Michigan education reform

I’m spending my evening getting acquainted with Michelle Rhee, the controversial former chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools, who’s gone on to a lucrative career as a hired gun in the fight to destroy teachers unions and privatize American public education. While I’d heard about her in the past, and I’d known that she’d […]

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Firing teachers who even discuss the possibility of striking

Once again, the Republicans of Michigan are making national headlines for their bold new policy initiatives. Today, it’s House bill 4465, sponsored by Bill Rogers of Brighton. If passed, it would, among other things, punish striking teachers by stripping them of their credentials for two years, making it impossible for them to work as educators […]

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So, what’s up with tenure?

A few days ago, we started debating an opinion piece that ran in the New York Times on higher education reform. The author of that piece, as you may recall, among other things, suggested that the institution of tenure be dissolved. As you can imagine, several readers of this site, many of whom work at […]

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The future of higher education in America

Mark C. Taylor, the chair of the religion department at Columbia, had an interesting editorial in the New York Times yesterday on what he perceives as the need to completely remake higher education in the United States. Among other things, he suggested that we jettison the concept of tenure, and completely restructure our graduate degree […]

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