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More disgusting, politically-motivated misinformation about the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi

Someone I went to high school with posted an absolutely horrific photo on Facebook today of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged naked through the streets of Benghazi and tortured with a cattle prod after being set on fire and repeatedly raped. I hesitate to share it here, as it’s so graphic, but I feel […]

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The manufactured Republican outrage over the attack of our consulate in Benghazi is not only disingenuous but morally reprehensible

As I mentioned yesterday, the Republicans, in the wake of last week’s crushing defeat at the polls, are desperately looking for something to cling to. They’re looking for an opportunity to delay introspection, come across to the American people once again as forceful, and, most importantly, weaken the President as he attempts to make the […]

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Trying to reason with people on the existence of moderate Islam

A few days ago, in a thread about the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens a conservative Christian reader of this site, who goes by the name EOS, proclaimed definitively, “There is no such thing as moderate Islam regardless of how much we might wish it were so.” When confronted with facts, and asked to […]

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On the murder of our ambassador to Libya and the shameless politicization of his death

If you believe what we’re being told in the press, an Israeli real estate developer in California by the name of Sam Bacile, raised $5 million from 100 Jewish donors in order to make a film about the “cancer” that is Islam. That’s Bacile’s word, not mine. Before you get mad at Bacile, though, there’s […]

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Please consider a gift to Detroit’s Freedom House

I don’t usually grab posts wholesale from other sites and reprint them here, but I just read this on my friend Pete’s site and thought that it deserved to reach a wider audience. Freedom House, a small former convent located just under the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit has been providing food, shelter, and support for […]

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