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I am no longer the most powerful Mark Maynard in the world, but I still own the URL

I don’t know this to be true, but I’ve heard, over the years, that the Maynard side of my family made their way to Kentucky from West Virginia. And, as there are currently a great many Maynards there, like Lee Maynard, the brilliant author of Crum, I suspect that there may be some truth to […]

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Lieberman single-handedly keeps American families from affordable healthcare

Let’s start with an excerpt from today’s piece in The New Republic by Jonathan Cohn: The public option is dead this morning. And this time, it isn’t coming back to life. The Senate isn’t going to include any version of the idea in its bill. And while the House can still demand a public option […]

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Not giving up on the Public Option

I just received the following from MoveOn, and thought that it was worth sharing. Senate progressives are organizing their colleagues to fight for the public health insurance option. Can you call Senator Carl Levin and urge him to join in? Right now Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Senate leaders are deciding what to include […]

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It’s time to peel off the Obama decals and set the lobbyists on fire

According to Reuters today, Obama is urging “a new spirt of compromise on healthcare.” What might that mean, you wonder. Well, Senator Jay Rockefeller seems to think it means big payoffs to the healthcare industry, in exchange for a hollow legislative victory. He estimates that, in the current draft of the healthcare reform bill being […]

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