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Howard Dean on his 2004 run for President: “We were really running against the Democratic party… The Democratic party was becoming increasingly what we would now call corporatist. They’d given up. They just weren’t fighting for a better country.”

A few days ago, at the Netroots Nation conference, I had the good fortune to catch a session with former presidential candidate, and progressive standard bearer, Howard Dean. Following is the first of three videos I hope to post over the coming weeks, accompanied by my quick attempt at transcription. In this clip, you’ll hear […]

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“Make them filibuster”

I love Democrats with balls. They’re a rare breed, but they do exist. And, occasionally, if you’re real lucky, you can spot one on television. This weekend, I caught a glimpse of one on ABC News. It was Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. And, he wasn’t mincing words. His advice to Democrats in Congress? Put up […]

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A whistle blower and a bitch slap

Via DailyKos and Firedoglake.

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This is what Obama wanted, and it needs to fail

For what it’s worth, I think Glenn Greenwald and Russ Feingold are probably right when they say that we shouldn’t lay all the blame for what happened with regard to healthcare reform at the feet of Joe Lieberman. Much of the blame, as Glenn points out in his recent article on Salon, belongs with Obama. […]

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Lieberman single-handedly keeps American families from affordable healthcare

Let’s start with an excerpt from today’s piece in The New Republic by Jonathan Cohn: The public option is dead this morning. And this time, it isn’t coming back to life. The Senate isn’t going to include any version of the idea in its bill. And while the House can still demand a public option […]

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