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Claiming it’s about taking pride in their community and history, a group of Ypsilanti Township residents moves to change the name that their community has had since its inception, dropping the “Ypsilanti”

I imagine it has more to do with gaming property values than it does with anything else, but, according to our friends at the Ann Arbor News, there’s a group of Ypsilanti Township residents actively pushing to rename their community. It would seem they want jettison the “Ypsilanti” in favor of something that, in their […]

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Two views on the consolidation of Ypsilanti City and Township services

Earlier this week, in a conversation about whether or not the City and Township should consolidate services, there was a great comment left by our former City Planner, Richard Murphy, which I felt that I should move up here, to the front page. Here it is. I agree with you that a broad generalization splitting […]

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The question of consolidating Township and City services

We’ve talked here before about the possibility of, if not merging the City and the Township, at least consolidating services, in hopes of reducing redundancy and saving money. Unfortunately, every time we bring it up, people go insane. I hate to make blanket statements, but, judging from the conversations we’ve had here in the past, […]

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Mayor Paul Schreiber on Ypsilanti’s budget options

Continuing our discussion of a few days ago about Ypsilanti’s dire financial circumstances, I thought that I’d share this op-ed from today’s AnnArbor.com, in which our Mayor lays out the options before us as he sees them. The city of Ypsilanti is at a fiscal crossroads and must replace lost tax revenues to survive. Falling […]

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City and Township to discuss consolidation of law enforcement services

AnnArbor.com has a story up on their site tonight about ongoing talks between the City of Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township on the possibility of working together to provide law enforcement services. Here’s a clip: …“This is very preliminary, we just wanted to discuss some basic issues and possible impediments that are there. Then we’ll know […]

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