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Jim Cherewick: rare photos of the artist in action

A few weeks ago, at an Ypsi porch show on Washington Street, I had the occasion to sit near Jim Cherewick and observe him working. To my knowledge, what follow are the first photos ever taken of the reclusive Ypsilanti artist plying his trade in full daylight. I’ve begun work on an article for Scientific […]

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Art, Food, Sex and Trauma: Mark Maynard shoots the shit with the most important artists to live within a five minute walk from him… Episode 5: Jim Cherewick

Local song and dance man Jim Cherewick, when he’s not singing and dancing his way into the enlarged, slowly-beating hearts of Americans everywhere, can generally be found hunched over napkins and the like, feverishly scratching away, making what he refers to as “art.” Well, I caught up with Jim on one such occasion and forced […]

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Cleaning house… and finding interesting artifacts

I spent much of this past weekend cleaning house. In the process, I found the following: An old drawing that I did of Linette, which I think is really beautiful, and surprisingly accurate. My old favorite photo of myself, which I thought that I’d lost forever. (I don’t believe they still make the synthetic silk […]

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Totally Quotable Clementine: reluctantly growing up edition

She said this to me about a week ago. I can’t remember what we’d been talking about, but I was sitting at the kitchen table, and she was standing next to me. When she said it, I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it down. I told her that I thought the phrase was […]

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