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Non-Democrats in the Ypsilanti Democratic Primary… is there anything wrong with that?

As the deadline for registering to vote in the August 7 primary is one week from today, I thought that now might be a good time to publicly commend a certain local landlord for defecting from the ultra right wing America First Party and professing his allegiance to the party of Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank […]

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On anti-Chinese racism, Emperor Norton, my political ambitions, and lots of other stuff in between

A few days ago, an irate reader of this site left a comment, vowing that, if I should ever decide to run for Mayor of Ypsilanti, he would make it his mission to stop me. He was apparently compelled to make this solemn oath, you see, because, in coming out against anti-Chinese racism a few […]

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Funny or Die weighs in on Hoekstra’s race-baiting ad

Pete, I think the distinction may be lost on you, but, for the record, this means that the people of America are laughing at you, and not with you. Maybe next time you run for office, you should go with a political consultant who isn’t best known for having advised Christine O’Donnell to release an […]

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How much blame does the Asian actress in Hoekstra’s ad deserve?

Yesterday, on his MSNBC show, Lawrence O’Donnell called out the “100% Chinese” actress who appears in that incredibly racist anti-Debbie Stabenow ad of Pete Hoekstra’s that we’ve been discussing. After asking his audience to help identify the actress, O’Donnell offered the following… “I’ve done things in show business… that I’m not proud of,” he said, […]

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Scientific Translation Requested

I want to send this to my father-in-law and ask him to translate it for me, but I’m afraid he’ll think I’m an even bigger loser than he thought previously. And, yes, this is how I spend evenings when Linette is out. I troll YouTube for footage of animals with human heads. So, if someone […]

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