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Students at Ann Arbor’s Roberto Clemente high school organize to fight the impending closure of their school

I’ve been receiving letters for the past several weeks, asking me to post something about the situation at Ann Arbor’s Roberto Clemente Student Development Center. Not being terribly knowledgeable about what’s going on, and not knowing what I could possibly add to the conversation, I’ve been reluctant to jump into the fray. But, this morning, […]

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The apparent end of public education as we know it in Philadelphia

We’ve talked at length on this site, over the past several years, about the coordinated campaign to dismantle public education in the United States. Sadly, Michigan is often at the forefront of this national conservative movement. Images of pregnant teenage girls being arrested as they try to keep their schools from closing and boys picketing […]

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50 Detroit high school students suspended for having the audacity to demand “An Education”

The following story, regarding a student protest at Detroit’s Frederick Douglass Academy, which resulted in the suspension of 50 students on Thursday, ran yesterday on FOX 2 News. When asked by the Detroit Free Press why he was marching in front of the school, senior Tevin Hill said, “Right now, I’m not going to be […]

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One more post on the takeover of the Catherine Ferguson Academy

A few days ago, in a post about Detroit’s Catherine Ferguson Academy for pregnant and parenting teens, and how, at the order of Roy Roberts, the Emergency Financial Manager placed in charge of the Detroit Public Schools, it was being turned into a charter school, I posed a question about how much it presently cost […]

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The Catherine Ferguson Academy to stay open… as a charter school

Everyone seems to be thrilled that Detroit’s Catherine Ferguson Academy for pregnant and parenting teens avoided closure today by announcing plans to be reborn as a charter school. I’d like to be optimistic, but I find it hard to believe that a for-profit charter school would be able to provide the same level of service […]

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