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Billy Bragg addresses his Ypsilanti comrades

Well, it would seem that Billy Brag received our invitation to join us on Water Street this evening, as we gathered to celebrate May Day. I received the following email from him, just as the seed bombs started raining down on the site. A big thank you to everyone who went out of their way […]

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Little Winsor in Ypsilanti

Today marks the 107th anniversary of former-Yopsilantian Winsor McCay’s surrealist, illustrated masterpiece Little Nemo in Slumberland, and, to mark the occasion, the folks at Google have rolled out an incredible new, interactive header, which you can see in action in the following video. The following is from the Christian Science Monitor. The Google homepage today […]

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On once making eye contact with Sherman Hemsley, or some other short, balding, black man drinking wine

When I heard yesterday that Sherman Hemsley had died at the age of 74, I was reminded of an afternoon several years ago in Ann Arbor spent staring over a beer at a man I believed to the iconic character actor. He was sitting a few seats away, drinking by himself. I think I was […]

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The Catherine Ferguson Academy to stay open… as a charter school

Everyone seems to be thrilled that Detroit’s Catherine Ferguson Academy for pregnant and parenting teens avoided closure today by announcing plans to be reborn as a charter school. I’d like to be optimistic, but I find it hard to believe that a for-profit charter school would be able to provide the same level of service […]

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Pencil Paparazzi: Jason Segel, other famous people at Old Town

We’ve got another entry for our ever-expanding pencil paparazzi file. This one comes from a young woman named Nina Eggers, who just happened to be having drink at Ann Arbor’s Old Town Tavern, when a half dozen famous folks came in for drinks. Here’s her entry. Jason Segel, as you can see, was apparently carrying […]

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