Spy Kids and an Invasion of Privacy

Linette and I went out for breakfast this morning and, over coffee and scrambled eggs, I mentioned that I had sent an email off to the woman whose name was on the prescription bottles I found in the backyard the other day. She let me know that she thought I fucked up. She said that I was invading this woman’s privacy. I argued a bit, but I didn’t put much into it. I knew she was right. I wouldn’t like it if someone tracked me down from an old prescription bottle, asking, “Hey, Mark, you don’t know me, but why the Penicillin? You got some kind of infection?” I made a mistake and I let the internal OCD Detective get the best of me. I was just thinking that if didn’t try to find out the rest of the story, I would be missing out on something. I think now, I’ll let it drop. No full-page ad in the local paper screaming “Sarah S, I Know it’s Hard but You Need to Pay Attention, I Have Your Ritalin Bottles.”

After breakfast, we went and saw “Spy Kids 2” and it was, I’m sorry to report, one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. It’s certainly one of the best children’s film franchises going these days. Robert Rodriguez pisses me off with his creativity and productivity though. I hate that he can write, direct, operate the cameras, score, edit and do everything else on a feature-length motion picture while I struggle to write a few short paragraphs for this site every other day after work. While I was just sitting on my ass in the theater, Robert Rodriguez was probably up there running the projector, or, worse yet, doing costume design for “Spy Kids 3.” He makes the young Orson Welles look like an underachiever and that puts me a few rungs beneath the retarded Baldwin brother on the ladder of motivated genius.

So, it was a damned fine movie; a great, empowering film for kids. It was fun, innovative, and daring in a way that you rarely see in Hollywood films. Robert Rodriguez has license to do that because his films don’t break budgets. They’re cheap and they make money. That buys you freedom in Hollywood. He deserves it. Go vote with your tickets and wait to see “XXX” when it comes out on video.

I had a few long paragraphs here, but I decided to edit the hell out of them. Following are the small nuggets of truth that each contained:

One bad thing here is that I think Steve Buscemi was miscast.
Either that, or he just sucked.

Antonio Bandaras did a great job.
But he’s married to Melanie Griffith.

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